Wednesday, November 10, 2010

house paintings

just some life, or not so life studies around the house :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

some assorted sketches

I have been thinking about the silhouette of stuff lately, just how much can you tell from the outside edge of something? letters are all silhouette, and we tell alot through them
uuuuur the king is about to puke!
I am a shiny knight maaaaan!

tonka ekranoplan haaa

tough girl waa waaa waah

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

some architectures

always been fascinated by the mood of nice buildings and spaces, just to walk around in an interesting setting is always nice.
there's a place like this underneath the building where I live

the bridge just goes out in the clouds somewheres
been playing with a little 3d too, trying to figure out some good ways of masking so I can get uniform shapes but then still get the variety in the surfaces.

Friday, October 1, 2010

tree and a couple knights

Lately I've been rotating forms in my head and trying to use that as a way to explore and study planes. Its is very fun and worked well when I'd do line drawings, but I was having real trouble as far as painting goes.
an old acrylic got eaten up to make this
Painting is different from pure line drawing in that you explore the opposite functions in a way. As far as a line goes, mainly it serves to go around the edges of forms and planes, and when it goes around the edge of a form, that is a surface that is curving away from the viewer. But in a painting you explore the surface that is facing the viewer. I know I know, line drawing does some of that too. Especially with shading, and paint explores edges that curve away. I think though that line is primarily about edges while paint is primarily about surfaces of planes. So in a way they overlap but cover those ends of that spectrum.
dunno how you see while wearing this
I realize what I was missing while I was painting is that when you rotate the forms and place them in the scene you have to see the light on the surface, and study how it looks. It was easier in line because I could just see the planes and draw lines around them, but in paint you've got that other element of color (value/hue)... I'm not that good at it yet, but i feel better :)

horse butt lol

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


horsey time, I've been having trouble drawing these things because I don't have much experience drawing horses. So I'm trying to fix that with these sort of sketches. I have been watching this wild korean drama called "Chuno"  -it has taken my brain to the joseon setting!
it might take off without him
lonely trail
I tried to do alot of studying on horse anatomy and how their legs move when they run, but it takes a ton of study like that. I really need to internalize the planes. I've been sculpting forms in my head and rotating them around to try to understand better, and it does help. Isn't it weird that our unconscious can bring up countless forms and images all perfectly realistic, but then we struggle to paint (imagination and life)? Maybe study of art is mostly linking 'you' with your unconscious.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a couple scenes

         Here's a couple of scenes, lately I've given my own definitions to the words "detail" and "refinement". Refinement refers to finishing a surface of a form, giving it its material texture and lighting-its interesting if you think about planes, because every plane is an edge of a form, even if its facing you. You can take a few very basic forms in an image but refine their surfaces and you'll probably have a pretty solid image (I think this is what atmosphere/mood is about). Lots of great paintings actually don't have but a few basic forms in them (look at portraits!).
              I've always been confused by the word detail, but now to myself I've defined it as "smaller forms". I was always confused when I'd paint from life partially because we have crappy words that mean alot of things at once (like "detail"). From life I would paint and see a few objects and they'd look alright, but when I'd paint from my head and not visualize/think properly I would try to finish a picture by adding more "detail", but not by "refining" the basic surfaces. Refinement of the big basic forms/planes is really what finishes a picture/makes it look 'realistic'...
a strange ritual...
Now when we consider a surface there are two main things to think about- the material of the surface (permanent), and the light (fleeting). Both of these provide to what I call "surface movement". Go look at some surfaces and textures-there is a sort of direction to them isn't there? --(2d direction, I believe there is 3d movement of forms but thats another talk)-- I think movement is made up of two elements- "direction" and "change". How does the surface change as it goes in the direction of the grain? In the picture above, the weird altar looking thing turns whitish as you go up the direction of the surface grain, there is a change in every surface as you move across (or it moves, however you see it)... I like to think in movement, because it quantifies contrasts, it shows how one contrasting element "turns into" another across a plane.
doing up my bathroom like this

Monday, September 20, 2010

My new blog! exciting times!

 I am happy to start this blog, Just going to post some recent digital speed paints to kick things off

the guy is stressed cause he just wants to fly the thing, so impatient

There is always some sort of guardian who tests your mettle when
you go to places unknown!
that girl got no face!
is that a goose on his head?