Tuesday, September 28, 2010


horsey time, I've been having trouble drawing these things because I don't have much experience drawing horses. So I'm trying to fix that with these sort of sketches. I have been watching this wild korean drama called "Chuno"  -it has taken my brain to the joseon setting!
it might take off without him
lonely trail
I tried to do alot of studying on horse anatomy and how their legs move when they run, but it takes a ton of study like that. I really need to internalize the planes. I've been sculpting forms in my head and rotating them around to try to understand better, and it does help. Isn't it weird that our unconscious can bring up countless forms and images all perfectly realistic, but then we struggle to paint (imagination and life)? Maybe study of art is mostly linking 'you' with your unconscious.



  1. Awesome work Joseph! saw your work on sijun!

    will be back for more!!!!!

  2. Thankyou John! Just looked at your blog-you're going on the awesome artists list, couldn't believe the variety of stuff you put out!!!