Friday, August 19, 2011

digi variations

One of the things thats really cool about painting with PS is that you can easily come up with several variations on an idea. 

I had painted this snow bridge scene and posted it online-immediately my dad gets on and says the left hand path doesn't read so the bridge looks like its going nowhere-
 so I said "dangit" and decided to try to fix this by making the trail more apparent. I had ghosted the far posts out earlier cause i wanted atmosphere, but it caused the image to suffer. Decided the thing needed to look more epic too so I changed the bridge and widened the gap. Also rounded out the snow boulder so it looks like part of a bigger mass. I got bothered though because the way the bridge meets the far cliff is kinda weird. The way it slopes looks like two different vp's-i decided the angle of the bridge was weird-
 then i just said 'screw it!" and made the whole thing horizontal and a yeti cave! but now i think the light is boring! oh dear oh dear!

 I guess the danger is you can change the idea so much that its not really comparable anymore. Like changing your apple into an orange so you don't know if you are even improving it. Ah well its fun.

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